Stark Warning Issued To Caribbean Concerning Climate Change

This 2016 photo shows erosion along the beach in Annotto Bay, St Mary, due to high waves. A warning has been issued to governments across the Caribbean, including Jamaica, to do more to make countries resilient to climate change as there is a price to pay if nothing is done. According to a report commissioned [...]

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Earth Today | Jamaica Enjoys Influence In Global Climate Change Response Architecture

Dr Orville Grey (right) in action at the international negotiating table JAMAICA CONTINUES to occupy positions of influence in the global architecture designed to work in the interest of climate change security for all, and in particular developing countries. Just over a month ago, Dr Orville Grey, senior technical officer responsible for adaptation in the [...]

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Jamaican Scientist Makes IPCC Team

JAMAICA'S Professor Michael Taylor has made the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) team, tasked to deliver what is a vital report for the Caribbean and other small island developing states (SIDS), in the fight against global climate change. Taylor was invited to serve as one of three coordinating lead authors for the third chapter [...]

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Advocates Advised To Maintain Gender And Climate Change Body

  The effort to mainstream gender in climate change considerations while cementing the place of women in decision-making in that arena has a supporter in Dr James Fletcher, recent head of the CARICOM Task Force on Sustainable Development. "Women are disproportionately affected by climate change, particularly in small-island developing states. Anytime here in Saint Lucia, [...]

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US Vote Could Impact Caribbean’s Climate Future

Republican Walter ‘Mike’ Hill makes a point during The Gleaner’s Editors’ Forum on Tuesday. Next to him is Democrat Moises ‘Moe’ Vela, and Judith Weddeburn of the 51% Coalition. Jamaica and the Caribbean's bid for a secure climate future is likely to be impacted by the outcome of the November 8 United States (US) presidential [...]

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Caribbean Islands Urged To Ratify Paris Agreement

CARICOM Secretary General Ambassador Irwin LaRocque (left) with Dr James Fletcher, who led CARICOM negotiators, in discussion with regional heads of government and ministers at the Paris Climate Talks last year. With the Marrakech climate change talks now only weeks away, the few CARICOM member states that have not yet ratified the Paris Agreement - [...]

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David Jessop | Climate Change A Test Of The Region’s Staying Power

A man walks along a construction site on Constant Spring Road, St Andrew on Friday, October 7. The roadway in the vicinity of the Marketplace commercial complex is being repaired following its collapse from rains associated with Hurricane Matthew. After a period of uncertainty, it has been confirmed that the Paris Agreement on Climate Change [...]

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Private Sector Targets 2016 Climate Talks

  To take better strategic advantage of climate finance opportunities while continuing the courtship of local business interests, Jamaica is looking to have private sector representation on its team to Marrakesh in November. "In this COP (Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change), we would want even one private [...]

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Environmental migration a real possibility for island states

German artist Hermann Josef Hack’s World Climate Refugee Camp in Hannover displaying 600 miniature climate refugee tents. The model camp is a public art intervention that depicts the social impacts of climate change. Scientists predict that if there is an increase in global temperature of up to 4° Celsius — which the current trajectory has [...]

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No cause to celebrate Paris climate agreement

Small island states lost out to their larger, more industrialised seniors at COP21.   The results of the climate change conference in Paris (COP21) give no reason for small island states to cheer. The agreement reflects many promises and little action. The one item of concrete action is merely an undertaking to evaluate carbon emissions [...]

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