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Jamaica Must Capitalise On Renewable Energy, Says Holness

Prime Minister Andrew Holness says Jamaica must capitalise on the availability of renewable energy. He explained that the country would be in a far better position if it could convert naturally occurring forces into energy. "It is possible for Jamaica to go to approximately 50 per cent of its energy needs provided by alternatives," Holness [...]

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Jamaica To Introduce Waste-To-Energy Solutions By Year End – Holness

 Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) greets Lascelles Chin, founder and executive chairman LASCO Affiliates Companies, at the LASCO Releaf Environmental Awareness Programme Awards Ceremony at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, in New Kingston on Wednesday. Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government will embark on a programme aimed at transforming the collection and management of garbage [...]

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IDB Willing To Finance Waste To Energy Projects

IDB Lead Investment Officer Stefan Wright speaks at the Gleaner Editors' Forum on Tuesday, May 9, 2017. The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) said it would consider financing projects for waste to energy in Jamaica, but cautioned that the cost of doing so would have to be around US$0.12 per kilowatt hour for it to make [...]

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Jamaica Holds Judgement On Future Of US Climate Finance Flows

MARRAKECH, Morocco: Jamaica is choosing, at least for now, not to worry over whether climate finance flows from the United States (US) will dry up under the presidency of Donald Trump. This is despite news that the president-elect - a climate-change sceptic - may be looking to opt out of the historic Paris Agreement. The [...]

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