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Jamaican Scientist Makes IPCC Team

JAMAICA'S Professor Michael Taylor has made the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) team, tasked to deliver what is a vital report for the Caribbean and other small island developing states (SIDS), in the fight against global climate change. Taylor was invited to serve as one of three coordinating lead authors for the third chapter [...]

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Climate Change Awareness Week

THE average Jamaican, while being aware of worsening beach erosion, hotter temperatures and an increased mosquito population, does not necessarily know that excessive amounts of green-house gases belched into the air by industrial processes is at the root of the problem. Neither does he know how to address it. For that reason, the Government has [...]

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Renewable Energy Project Improving Lives Of St Bess Residents

When Blue Mountain Renewables (BMR) began operating its 36-megawatt wind farm in Potsdam, St Elizabeth, a few months ago, the facility became Jamaica's largest private-sector renewable energy project. Minister of Science, Energy and Technology Dr Andrew Wheatley, who gave the keynote address at the official opening on August 11, pointed out that the wind farm [...]

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Congress Passes Tax Credits for Solar and Wind: ‘Sausage-Making at Its Most Intense’

The biggest federal policy development of the year for renewables plays out on Congress’ last day of work in 2015. Lawmakers in the House and Senate passed a spending package today that includes multi-year extensions of solar and wind tax credits, plus one-year extensions for a range of other renewable energy technologies. The pair of [...]

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New Climate Deal A Signal To Private Sector

Khan ... I would say to the private sector, look at investing in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The new global climate deal, reached after two weeks of intense negotiations, is a signal to the private sector, local and international, of the need to reassess current investment flows. Jamaican negotiator Dr Orville Grey said the [...]

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Climate Change Awareness

This week Paris hosts nearly 200 governments at the climate talk in hopes to agree a deal that keeps the dangers of global warming in check. In light of this historic event taking place, Solar Buzz Jamaica wants to educate you on what you can do to save the planet for the generations to come. [...]

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