Stark Warning Issued To Caribbean Concerning Climate Change

This 2016 photo shows erosion along the beach in Annotto Bay, St Mary, due to high waves. A warning has been issued to governments across the Caribbean, including Jamaica, to do more to make countries resilient to climate change as there is a price to pay if nothing is done. According to a report commissioned [...]

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Farmers To Get Climate-Risk Management Training

BEGINNING FEBRUARY 7, the USAID-funded Jamaica Rural Economy and Ecosystems Adapting to Climate Change II (Ja REEACH II) project, in collaboration with the Meteorological Service of Jamaica and the Rural Agricultural Development Authority will host a series of agrometeorology farmers' fora. The fora are geared at equipping farmers and other stakeholders with climate-smart risk management [...]

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Environmental migration a real possibility for island states

German artist Hermann Josef Hack’s World Climate Refugee Camp in Hannover displaying 600 miniature climate refugee tents. The model camp is a public art intervention that depicts the social impacts of climate change. Scientists predict that if there is an increase in global temperature of up to 4° Celsius — which the current trajectory has [...]

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Caribbean Negotiators Dig In As Paris Talks Near Close

WITH ONLY two days to go before the official end to the climate talks here, Caribbean negotiators are working feverishly to safeguard the region's interest in the final outcome document. That document - referred to as 'the text' throughout the negotiating process - is widely expected to inform the global response to climate change. "All [...]

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