Solar Farms and Jamaica

//Solar Farms and Jamaica

We all know the plight, it affects everyone; the cost of energy is way too high. The domino effect is far reaching; energy costs deter investment, cripple the manufacturing sector and puts Jamaica in a position of being less competitive on the global market. The Government speaks of doing more to diversify the method of generation of electricity by the use of more renewable energy namely, solar and wind.

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  1. Trevor Bowes June 8, 2012 at 9:02 pm - Reply

    The writer indicates that the study by Dr Chen was done in 1996, Twenty six years later we have no plan to achieve the PV farm. That needs a management degree?.
    The steps that come to mind are A. Acreage needed.B. Location most viable. C Cost of aquisition D. Cost of development including all equipment.E. The capital needed. F. The Corporate structure that would be most applicable to provide the funding with a fairly broad Investor participation.G. Return on Equity offered. H. Cost benefit analysis publicly debated since this would be a National project.I. Start date.J. Implementation and completion on time table established by partners.K.Action, then result!

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