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The demo kit containing an A/C motor, two kilowatt meters and the green box.

THE need for lower electricity bills and a cheaper alternative to solar.

Those, primarily, were what led Mark Neita and business partner Dr Matthew Bird to the green box technology and to found Green Box Jamaica.

Cost Analysis of the 4 most popular pool pumps in the Jamaican market.

This analysis hopes to provide the readers with a better understanding of the costs associated with the purchase of varying pool pumps. This study takes into account the approximate initial cost of each pump along with the installation expenses and electrical costs associated with the operation of the pump over a five (5) year period.

Why choose an Inverter Pool Pump?

Solar Buzz Variable Speed Inverter pool pumps are enjoying rapidly increasing popularity in the swimming pool industry in Jamaica. These pumps offer many benefits over traditional pool pumps since they regulate the speed of the electric motor. This is done by the pump controlling the amount of power delivered to the motor


MOTORISTS will have to fork out even more cash when they go to the pumps this week as gas prices have increased yet again.

The prices of 87 and 90 gasoline have risen by $1.10 and will be sold for $105.94 and $107.59 per litre respectively.

Propane Liquid Petroleum gas has increased by 44 cents and will be sold for $44.17 per litre.

However, the price of Automotive Diesel Oil has dropped by 73 cents and will now be sold for $105.76 per litre.

Kerosene and Butane Liquid Petroleum have also experienced price decreases of 73 cents and 41 cents respectively and will be sold for $108.69 and $60.14 per litre.

Retailers will add their own mark up

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Recently we were asked to set up one of our energy saving pool pumps to compare against the existing inefficient 1.5 horsepower. Below is the shortened video we created showing the energy comparison of both pumps which is undeniably in favor of our energy efficient pump. Please read the case study which is below the video after watching.
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New inverter technology pool pumps are here to save you money!! Major savings on your existing pump and it pays for itself within one year. Call us now at 968 – 7797

If you own a pool then you know how important it is to keep that pool looking clean. But you also know how much that pool pump can run up your energy bill each month. SBJ is now installing the most energy efficient pool pumps on the market.