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How Important is Properly Insuring Your Solar System? The answer in short…VERY!

There are many reasons to invest in a solar photovoltaic system, with one of the more generally desirable ones being to reduce one’s energy bills. However, solar has other benefits - such as providing clean, quiet backup power using battery storage, reduction of one's carbon footprint, securing an investment with a short payback period and [...]

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JPS Hiring Expert To Assess Protection System

The JPS has said its protection system failed on Saturday after a problem at the Hunt's Bay power station which triggered an all-island blackout. The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) says it’s acquiring the services of an independent consultant to evaluate its protection system in the wake of last Saturday’s islandwide blackout. The disclosure [...]

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Jamaica Faces Trek To A Green Economy

KHAN... what we want is for them to own, as much as possible, what has to be done in each sector   From the "historical momentum in favour of brown industries" - those overly dependent on fossil fuels - to "bias in the political system towards short-run and against long-run perspectives", the deck appears stacked [...]

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Bill Gates joins with Mark Zuckerberg and other top investors for urgent global action on climate change

Bill Gates, co-founder of Microsoft [Image source: On, via Flickr]   On the opening day of the COP21 global climate change meeting in Paris, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have announced they have joined together with other private investors to help fight climate change by investing in renewable energy. The Breakthrough Energy Coalition will [...]

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UTech to unveil findings of cooking with hydrogen study

University of Technology Jamaica (UTech) File Photo   THE findings of a University of Technology, Jamaica (UTech)-led research project focusing on the sustainable production of hydrogen as a fuel for domestic cooking will form the basis of presentations and discussions at an International Hydrogen Conference and Exhibition being hosted by UTech at its Papine campus, [...]

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CARICOM countries score low in carbon energy study

Caribbean Community (CARICOM) countries were rated in the lower half of a survey of 26 countries that examined their ability to foster low carbon energy growth. Jamaica at number 16 topped the eight CARICOM countries included in the survey, undertaken by the Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Bloomberg New [...]

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Case Study: Energy Saving Pool Pump vs Regular Pool Pump

Recently we were asked to set up one of our energy saving pool pumps to compare against the existing inefficient 1.5 horsepower. Below is the shortened video we created showing the energy comparison of both pumps which is undeniably in favor of our energy efficient pump. Please read the case study which is below the [...]

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