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JPS To Spend US$100 Million To Reduce Energy Costs

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), the island's sole distributor of electricity, said it will be doubling its expenditure on energy projects by December this year in an attempt to drive down the cost of energy. JPS views the investment as key to driving efficiencies, according to Chairman Seji Kawamura, who was appointed earlier this year, [...]

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Earth Today | Jamaica Closes In On Drawdown From Green Climate Fund

JAMAICA IS preparing to take advantage of what is seen as the next big thing in climate financing - the Green Climate Fund (GCF) - even as rising sea levels, warmer temperatures and extreme weather events remain a clear and present danger. Head of the Climate Change Division (CCD), UnaMay Gordon, revealed Tuesday that the [...]

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What If Big Oil’s Bet on Gas Is Wrong?

Talk to a Big Oil executive these days, and the chances are they’ll steer the conversation toward gas. “In 20 years, we will not be known as oil and gas companies, but as gas and oil companies,” Patrick Pouyanne, chief executive officer of French giant Total SA, told a conference in St. Petersburg last month. Patrick [...]

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