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JPS Plans Storage Facility To Reduce Power Outages

Outgoing JPS President Kelly Tomblin. Power utility Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) plans to build a 24.5-megawatt facility to store energy as a safeguard against power outages. It's described as the first of its kind in the Caribbean. JPS plans to build the facility next year, but no cost was disclosed up to press time. [...]

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Solar Power Will Kill Coal Faster Than You Think

Bloomberg New Energy Finance’s outlook shows renewables will be cheaper almost everywhere in just a few years. Solar power, once so costly it only made economic sense in spaceships, is becoming cheap enough that it will push coal and even natural-gas plants out of business faster than previously forecast. That’s the conclusion of a Bloomberg New Energy Finance [...]

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JPS Blackout Costs Country $340 Million

The April 17, 2016, islandwide power outage cost the Jamaican economy $340 million in losses, stated consultant with the Office of Utilities Regulation Valentine Fagan. He pointed out that the poor decisions made by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), which resulted in the widespread power failure, had an economic cost that the country cannot [...]

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Jamaica To Introduce Waste-To-Energy Solutions By Year End – Holness

 Prime Minister Andrew Holness (right) greets Lascelles Chin, founder and executive chairman LASCO Affiliates Companies, at the LASCO Releaf Environmental Awareness Programme Awards Ceremony at The Jamaica Pegasus hotel, in New Kingston on Wednesday. Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the Government will embark on a programme aimed at transforming the collection and management of garbage [...]

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One million J’cans stealing electricity

Tomblin admits stemming the problem her toughest task Jamaica Public Service President and CEO Kelly Tomblin admitting that the company's decision to cut electricity supply to some communities, because of non-payment, pained her. Kelly Tomblin didn't hesitate when she admitted that the greatest challenge she faced in her five years at Jamaica Public Service Company [...]

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New Book On Climate Change And The Caribbean Hits Local Shelves

Thera Edwards with a copy of the book 'Global Change and the Caribbean: Adaptation and Resilience'. A NEW book on resilience building in the Caribbean, forced by the changing climate and driven by globalisation and population growth, has hit local shelves, with the goal to lend insight into regional realities and help inform future action. [...]

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Jamaica To Strengthen Climate Change Focal Point Network

JAMAICA'S CLIMATE Change Division (CCD) is working on strengthening coordination and overall efficiency within the island's focal point network, tasked to ensure climate change considerations are included in the planning and operations of each ministry, department and agency of government. A first step is a lunch meeting to be held this Friday to share on [...]

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