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Utilities Are Losing the Battle Against Solar Energy

Rooftop solar energy is becoming a financially viable way for millions of U.S. consumers to generate their own electricity -- and utilities are doing everything to kill the solar boom before it gains too much traction. Utilities in states such as Florida, Wisconsin, and Nevada have tried to undermine rooftop solar at the regulatory level [...]

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Solar-Panel Roads to Be Built on Four Continents Next Year

Electric avenues that can transmit the sun’s energy onto power grids may be coming to a city near you. A subsidiary of Bouygues SA has designed rugged solar panels, capable of withstand the weight of an 18-wheeler truck, that they’re now building into road surfaces. After nearly five years of research and laboratory tests, they’re [...]

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Climate Change Awareness Week

THE average Jamaican, while being aware of worsening beach erosion, hotter temperatures and an increased mosquito population, does not necessarily know that excessive amounts of green-house gases belched into the air by industrial processes is at the root of the problem. Neither does he know how to address it. For that reason, the Government has [...]

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Politicians must be more aware of climate change impact, says UWI professor

Professor Emeritus Anthony Chen, advocate in renewable energy mitigation and founder of the Climate Studies Group at The University of the West Indies, explains the environmental and health hazards that the proposed coal fire plant in St Elizabeth would create. (Photos: Naphtali Junior) FOUNDER of the Climate Studies Group at the University of the West [...]

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Jamaica Holds Judgement On Future Of US Climate Finance Flows

MARRAKECH, Morocco: Jamaica is choosing, at least for now, not to worry over whether climate finance flows from the United States (US) will dry up under the presidency of Donald Trump. This is despite news that the president-elect - a climate-change sceptic - may be looking to opt out of the historic Paris Agreement. The [...]

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China Tells Trump That Climate Change Is No Hoax It Invented

China couldn’t have invented global warming as a hoax to harm U.S. competitiveness because it was Donald Trump’s Republican predecessors who started climate negotiations in the 1980s, China’s Vice Foreign Minister Liu Zhenmin said. U.S. Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush supported the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in initiating global warming talks even [...]

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Humans Aren’t Just Changing the Climate. We’re Changing ‘Life Itself’ It’s not just about us.

The earth has warmed barely a single degree Celsius, and yet virtually no place on the planet is unaffected by climate change. That’s the conclusion of both a new study published in the journal Science and a popular-science book out this week, The Unnatural World, by David Biello, the science curator at TED and a Scientific Americancontributing editor. “This new age is not just climate change,” [...]

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Clean Power Is Too Hot for Even Trump to Cool “Fears of a negative impact of Trump … are really overblown.”

On Nov. 4, Walmart announced an aggressive plan to increase its investments in renewable energy, pledging to power half its operations from wind, solar, and other renewables by 2025 and to cut the carbon footprint of its operations by 18 percent over the same period. Ten days later, Microsoft made its largest wind-power purchase agreement [...]

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Tesla’s Future in Trump’s World-Elon Musk is up against a starkly different agenda, but the energy transition he invigorated can’t be stopped.

What will Donald Trump actually do? It’s a question many Americans are asking themselves now that the U.S. has wrapped up one of its least policy-specific elections ever. The president-elect has offered only the loosest of legislative prescriptions, including whatever plans he may have for the energy industry. The mystery hangs over turbine manufacturers like Vestas Wind Systems, [...]

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Donald Trump Could Be OPEC’s New Best Friend

Last week, I wrote that OPEC needs friends and a miracle to re-balance the oil market. Could President Trump be that unwitting buddy, providing the miracle by tearing up the nuclear agreement with Iran and removing almost a million barrels a day of supply at a stroke? Trump's number one priority is to dismantle the "disastrous" [...]

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