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US Solar Market Sets New Record, Installing 7.3GW of Solar PV in 2015

For the first time ever, solar beat out natural-gas capacity additions. In yet another record-breaking year, the solar industry in the United States installed 7,286 megawatts of solar PV in 2015. GTM Research and the Solar Energy Industries Association announced the historic figures today ahead of the March 9 release of the U.S. Solar Market Insight [...]

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Nigeria backs efforts to ‘stabilise’ oil market

RIYADH, Saudi Arabia (AFP) — The Nigerian and Saudi leaders yesterday supported efforts to stabilise the oil market but Africa’s top producer did not commit to a production freeze. After talks in the Saudi capital Riyadh, Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari and Saudi King Salman “committed themselves to doing all that is possible to stabilise the [...]

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SunPower Breaks World Record for Efficient Solar Panels

The more efficient the solar panel, the less space used. Solar giant SunPower announced on Monday that it can now make a solar panel that can convert 22.8% of the sunlight that hits it into electricity. According to SunPower, that’s a new world record. The efficiency of solar panels is an important metric to both [...]

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Jamaica To Dissect New Climate Deal

Jamaica is, in the coming months, to assess the global climate deal brokered in Paris last December, before putting its final seal on it. The first order of business, according to Colonel Oral Khan, chief technical director in the Ministry of Water, Land, Environment, and Climate Change, is to educate stakeholders. "We are at the [...]

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Traditional Energy Industry Declares War on Solar Energy

Getty Images Solar's threat to the utility industry is deeper than not having to purchase electricity Now that solar power is reaching prime time, the fossil fuel industry is doing all that it can to stop its growth. For many years solar was on the periphery, installed by early adopters and helped along by government subsidy. [...]

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Four Oil Producers Offer To Freeze Oil Output

Oil powerhouses Russia and Saudi Arabia joined Qatar and Venezuela in pledging Tuesday to cap their crude output if other producers do the same, aiming to halt a slide that has pushed oil prices to their lowest point in more than a decade. The decision followed an unexpected closed-door meeting involving the four countries in [...]

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Using Oil, LNG Might Negligibly Affect Electricity Prices – JPS

The Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) says it is unable to definitively state how the use of both automotive diesel oil and liquefied natural gas (LNG) at the Bogue power plant in St James will impact the price of electricity to consumers. It said the power plant currently burns on automotive diesel oil "and we [...]

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JPS yearly profit jumps 24%

Light company at ease with increase in customer satisfaction Light distributor Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has reported a 24 per cent jump in annual profits, increasing from US$23 million in financial year 2014 to US$28.6 million for 2015. The increase in profits came despite a 54 per cent decline on year-on-year net profits for the [...]

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JPS writes off $100m of electricity bills

Kelly Tomblin, president and CEO of JPS. Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) said it wrote off $100 million in debt owed by residential and commercial customers for electricity under its year-end amnesty programme. It offered customers the opportunity to start the new year at least partially debt free. The power utility also said it continues [...]

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