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More Renewable Energy For Grid

Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell said yesterday that he expects renewable energy to comprise 12.5 per cent of the national grid by the end of 2016. The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has invited interested entities to submit proposals for the provision of new generating capacity from renewable energy sources up to 37 megawatts (MW) to [...]

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11 clever ways to conserve water at home

From the bucket flush to reusing pasta water, these novel tricks are a good addition to the tried-and-true tips. "...Drought or no drought" we should all treat our water as the precious resource that it is. It’s not infinite and those of it who have it in abundance often waste it heedlessly. The World Health [...]

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From plants to people, every living thing on this planet needs water. But getting enough to survive, and survive comfortably, that can be a little tricky. Just look at the furor around California's new water restrictions. If a state as wealthy as California is having to get creative in order to start saving water, you [...]

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OUR to host pre-bid meeting on renewable energy sources

THE Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) will this Friday host a pre-bid meeting to provide further information on its recent Request for Proposals (RFPs) from interested entities, to provide new Generating Capacity from renewable energy sources. The meeting will take place at the Jamaica Pegasus hotel and interested entities are urged to attend to get [...]

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Schooled on energy

THE Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and University of Technology (UTech) recently collaborated on a one-day workshop designed to teach non-technical professionals about the energy sector and how it affects their lives and businesses. Billed 'Demystifying the Energy Industry', the event targeted business people, entrepreneurs, banking and insurance executives, among others. It zeroed in such areas [...]

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JPS To Invest Up To US$40m In Smart Grid

Jamaica's light and power company is spending up to US$40 million over five years to roll out a smart grid and cut line losses. Last year, the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) reported a one per cent decline in sales along with a one per cent increase in system losses - mostly electricity theft [...]

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Feeling The Heat: Earth In July Was Hottest Month On Record

Earth just keeps getting hotter. July was the planet's warmest month on record, smashing old marks, United States weather officials said. And it's almost a dead certain lock that this year will beat last year as the warmest year on record, they said. July's average temperature was 61.86 degrees Fahrenheit (16.6 Celsius), beating the previous [...]

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This cool new Google Maps feature has nothing to do with navigation

Google Maps is already one of the most popular apps used on on smartphones thanks to its sophisticated navigation powers. But Google has figured out an even cooler use for the service and it that doesn’t even involve getting directions – meet Google’s brand new Project Sunroof. Using the immense map data that’s behind Google Maps, the [...]

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Solar Lights Up Red Bank Business

The lush green Malvern hills in the distance is in stark contrast to parched lands at Red Bank, St Elizabeth. Almost everywhere, farmers are busy pouring water on their plants, which are, for the most part, fighting an uphill battle against a wicked drought that threatens to bring everyone to their knees. At Red Bank, [...]

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Sweltering? Here are 10 Hacks for Living Without AC

No AC? No problem! With these hacks, you can keep cool this summer -- and keep your electric bill down. When the temperature creeps past 90 degrees on a hot summer day, it's natural to regret the decision to rent a place without air conditioning or own a home without AC installed. But don't despair. [...]

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