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PV Production Grows Despite a Crisis-Driven Decline in Investment

Global production of photovoltaic (PV) cells grew by 10% in 2012 in comparison to 2011 despite a 9% decline in solar energy investments according to the annual "PV Status Report" released by the European Commission's Joint Research Centre. Europe remained a leader in newly installed capacities accounting for 51.7% (16.8 GW) of the 30 GW [...]

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The Future Of Power In Jamaica

  Is there an energy problem in Jamaica? The growing energy crisis in Jamaica has been a cause for concern ever since the Government divested the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS). Consumers and producers complain about the high cost of energy. Firms often blame their low productivity, low output, high price for final goods and [...]

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China Funding Street-Light Project In Dominica

Dominica is implementing a US$34-million solar street-light project with assistance from China, Public Works Minister Rayburn Blackmore has said. He said the 33-month project would involve installation of 4,851 solar street lights across the country, and that Beijing would be providing 2,500 of those lights. "The prime minister has been able to use his good [...]

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Scientists Use ‘Wired Microbes’ to Generate Electricity from Sewage

  The release describes nature of these microbes; more than 100 can fit side by side in the width of a human hair; the microbes are white tubes; they are attached to the carbon filaments of the battery; the tendrils are the "wires" referred to; images were taken by scanning electron microscope. Engineers at Stanford [...]

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JPS surprised at controversial street light resolution passed by KSAC

'Strange'   THE Jamaica Public Service (JPS) has expressed 'surprise' at Tuesday's passing of a resolution by the Kingston and St Andrew Corporation that seeks to have Corporate Area residents pay for the repair and replacement of street lights. fast cash loans melbourne According to the light and power company, a resolution of that nature [...]

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Jamaica Gets Assurance From Venezuela Regarding PetroCaribe

  Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Phillip Paulwell, delivering the keynote address at the official opening of the Falmouth Youth Empowerment Computer Access Centre, in Trelawny, on July 25. - JIS Photo Jamaica says it has been given an assurance by Venezuela that there would be no changes to the existing PetroCaribe agreement [...]

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