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Solar Summit Slideshow: The PV Module Market

GTM Research Senior Analyst Shyam Mehta provides actionable intelligence for the solar module manufacturing industry. ERIC WESOFF: APRIL 25, 2013 GTM Research Senior Analyst Shyam Mehta spoke at this week's Solar Summit in Arizona on solar module manufacturing. Rather than preaching "big ideas [and] grand narratives [that] don't always give you actionable intelligence," Mehta tried [...]

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Enterprise team to oversee Petcom’s divestment

THE Government, after more than 10 years trying to divest the Petroleum Company of Jamaica Limited (Petcom), has set up an enterprise team for the privatisation of the entity. "Mr Erwin Jones, chairman of Petrojam, will lead this team. We are currently having a valuation of the company's assets done and we will announce more [...]

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JPS Should Use Armoured Cables

THE EDITOR, Sir: Hardly a day goes by without me hearing of electricity theft from Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) supply lines. What about armoured cable? Has JPS tried this? Twin armoured cables are made up of a minimum of five layers of insulation, the individual insulation of the two conductors, an overall insulation of [...]

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Paulwell Pins Final Hopes For Petrojam On Maduro

The local oil refinery Petrojam, which has served Jamaica for a generation, should be shut down unless negotiations with the new Venezuelan government result in expansion plans, according to Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell. The plant expansion has been delayed for eight years. "In relation to Petrojam, this is a project that is well delayed. If [...]

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Jamalco To Press Ahead With Coal Plant

Jamalco Jamalco Refinery, the alumina joint venture between the Jamaican Government and Alcoa, aims to build the island's first major coal plant in order to lower the cost of alumina production, Mining Minister Phillip Paulwell indicated on Thursday. The plant will lower the high cost of energy that currently threatens the viability of the bauxite/alumina [...]

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2016 Reopening For Alpart

The Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell has signaled that the Alpart bauxite plant is expected to be back up and running in the first quarter of

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Rural Electrification Programme Ends

A new entity to replace the Rural Electrification Programme (REP) has been mandated to develop renewable energy solutions for Jamaicans who live too far from the national power

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Four bidders for new power plant JPS among entities seeking to build new facility

THE Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR) is to partner with the National Contracts Commission to negotiate actively with four interested bidders for the building of a new power plant and present a recommendation to the Government in 30 days. StudyGroupAmerica Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell, who made the announcement during his [...]

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