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Government aims to slash light bill by J$2b

I would not feel dissed if you dress like we are in a tropical climate. - Paulwell The Government aims to slash its J$13-billion annual light bill by some 15 per cent across the public sector in part as a precondition of an International Monetary Fund (IMF) loan agreement. The savings would amount to approximately [...]

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Accident waiting to happen? Electricity grid system has weaknesses, says OUR committee

THE electicity grid is so vulnerable to system shutdowns that its deficiencies and weaknesses could be viewed, in some instances, as an 'accident waiting to happen'. The factors leading to the last islandwide blackout, not related to a natural disaster, was found to be "typical of those which precipitated the three earlier system shutdowns, including [...]

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JPS J$1.4b Forex Fallout

SOLMEDIAGROUPSA.COM/SOLUS/ Monopoly light distributor Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) recorded close to US$15 million (J$1.4b) in foreign exchange losses last year, reflecting one of its worst currency shocks ever. The amount shows the brutal impact of depreciation of the Jamaican dollar on one of the largest local companies. The forex losses in the calendar year [...]

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Going For Growth: On Energy

A truck laden with cement at Carib Cement's Rockfort plant. Cement manufacturers in Trinidad benefit from cheaper energy and thus gain better profit margins than their Jamaican counterparts which are more efficient but suffer from meteoric energy bills. - File Densil Williams, Guest Columnist It is no secret that Jamaica has a growth problem. For [...]

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Stop Wasting That Waste!

Professor Jens Born, a consultant on biogas energy, makes a case for local farmers to invest in biodigesters and other appropriate forms of clean, environmentally friendly energy during a workshop hosted by the Food and Agriculture Organization at the Faculty of Engineering, University of Technology. - Photo BY Christopher Serju Pig farmers urged to get [...]

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Energy Efficiency Programme Coming For Small Hotels

Energy Minister, Phillip Paulwell An energy efficiency project aimed at cutting energy costs in smaller hotels is to be implemented in Jamaica by the end of the year. The project, which is called the Caribbean Hotel Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy Action Programme, has been successfully tested in Barbados and will be extended to The [...]

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Renewable investors no longer required to pay up front

Investors willing to pump capital into renewable energy projects in Jamaica won't have to make a one per cent downpayment when making their bids to the regulator. In stead, they will have to submit the proposal security of one per cent of the total project cost to the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) after their [...]

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