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Fuel The Power That Drives Economy

Maurice McNaughton, Contributor THE ECONOMIC significance of electricity to Jamaica's, and indeed any country's development, is well documented and supported by international research. There is strong evidence that electricity consumption is strongly correlated to gross domestic product, making it the single best physical indicator of the overall economic activity, whether formal or informal, within a [...]

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Cabinet Approves Policy To Cut Street Light Bill

JPS employees make improvements on street lights in the Corporate Area - file photo. Cabinet has approved the introduction of policy standards for street lights aimed at reducing the cost of powering them. The government said implementation of the policy will be underpinned by the requisite regulations, to enable the use of the most energy [...]

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Check House Wiring before Putting up Lights

Homeowners are being advised to get a licenced electrician to check their house wiring before putting up decorative lights, in order to prevent fires. The warning came from Assistant Superintendent in charge of Communication at the Jamaica Fire Brigade (JFB), Emilio Ebanks, as he addressed a recent Jamaica Information Service (JIS) Think Tank. He said [...]

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CURE claims electricity cost can be reduced

The group Citizens United to Reduce Electricity (CURE) is claiming that the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is now in a better position reduce the cost of energy. In a statement, the group said it had evidence that the independent supplier, Jamaica Energy Partners now provides 30 per cent of the required electricity to the [...]

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Double Up, Double Charge!

JPS bills councils separately for LED lamps Disconnects when payments aren't made Erica Virtue, Senior Gleaner Writer A practice by the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) to charge parish councils separately for light-emitting diode (LED) bulbs on roadways is infuriating councils, which claim that light is being disconnected from major thoroughfares. The JPS has disconnected [...]

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Scotiabank introduces energy loan calculator

Scotiabank's energy loan customers can now determine potential loan payments, based on consumption, online. The financial institution launched its innovative SmartEnergy Calculator on Thursday at its Constant Spring Financial Centre. The nifty energy loan calculator complements the Bank's SmartEnergy Loan available to Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises and householders to fund energy efficiency projects that will [...]

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Energy Solutions – Speed As A Competitive Advantage

Aubyn Hill, Financial Gleaner Columnist THIS WEEK, Blue Energy, a British company, announced that it will build Africa's largest solar power plant in Ghana. By the time it is completed in 2015, the 155-megawatt facility will be the fourth-largest power plant in the world and is expected to supply 20 per cent of the Ghanaian [...]

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Fundamentals of Electricity

In this instillation of our weekly newsletter blast out, we have decided to explain the energy grid system to you our readers. Through this newsletter we hope to help our readers and clients to better understand energy and how it works. Delivery system: As electrical energy is generated, it is transformed and transported instantaneously through [...]

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