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Round two of JPS licence fight heats up

PREPARATIONS for round two in the battle over the legality of the Jamaica Public Service's (JPS') all-island licence stepped up yesterday with the filing of a counter appeal to JPS' own filing in the appellate court on Monday. The counter appeal was filed by former Government Senator Dennis Meadows, Betty-Ann Blaine and Cyrus Rousseau, who [...]

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Gas Prices Up $2.00 Tomorrow

Gasolene prices will go up by $2.00 per litre come tomorrow. A litre of E-10 87 gasolene will sell $107.52 while E-10 90 gasolene will be sold for $109.17. The price of automotive diesel oil will be increased by $1.11 to sell for $107.29 per litre. A litre of kerosene oil has been cut by [...]

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Claimants To File Counter-Appeal Against JPS

JPS head office in New Kingston - file photo. Barbara Gayle, Justice Coordinator The attorney representing claimants in the class action suit against the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is to head to the Court of Appeal today to file a counter notice of appeal. This follows the filing by JPS yesterday of an appeal [...]

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Towards independence in electricity

It was National Hero Norman Washington Manley who said that the mission of his generation was to achieve political independence. He further said that the mission of the next generation would be to achieve economic independence. But economic independence is clearly a harder task to achieve than political independence. And a main ingredient in the [...]

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Gas Prices Rise As Refineries Shut For Isaac

Pump prices headed higher as Tropical Storm Isaac forced several major refineries along the Gulf Coast to halt production in preparation for high winds and heavy rains. Fear of reduced gasolene supplies sent wholesale prices up US7.7 cents, or 2.4 per cent to US$3.155 per gallon Monday. The average retail price for a gallon of [...]

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Electricity thieves now using more sophisticated bypass devices

One of the devices found inside a ceiling. THE Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) is reporting an increase in the discovery of sophisticated meter bypass devices used in the illegal abstraction of electricity. This while the company continues to carry out regular investigations to clamp down on the activity. Just last week, investigations in separate [...]

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Gas retailers revamping

TREVOR Heaven, president of the Jamaica Gasolene Retailers' Association (JGRA), has said that service stations will be revamping their operations in a bid to save the sector from extinction. "We are facing an unprecedented financial challenge," he told Auto. "At this point, there are four stations in the Corporate Area that are already closed. These [...]

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Oil prices fall on Isaac watch

NEW YORK - Oil prices dropped Friday amid renewed talk about the release of strategic reserves and as traders kept an eye on a tropical storm that could disrupt offshore operations in the Gulf of Mexico. New York's main contract, light sweet crude for October, shed 12 cents from Thursday to close at US$96.15 a [...]

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Energy: to conserve or to produce?

At the risk of revocation of poetic license, allow the liberty to suggest that Shakespeare's Hamlet, faced with Jamaica's high energy charges, would have voiced his soliloquy thus: "To conserve, or to produce: that is the question: Work crews from Turning Mill Energy install 245-watt solar panels from the ET energy company, made in China, [...]

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