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Kelly Tomblin’s new perspective

IT was not an easy decision for Kelly Tomblin, taking the helm of the Jamaica Public Service (JPS). In fact, the United States native harboured strong reservations about relocating to Jamaica. But it wasn't a fear of the country and its high crime stats that spawned Tomblin's concern. TOMBLIN... I bring a different perspective to [...]

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Broken Promise – No Rollback Of GCT On Electricity

THE PORTIA Simpson Miller administration has reneged on its promise to abolish general consumption tax (GCT) on electricity. Making his opening presentation in the 2012-2013 Budget Debate in the House of Representatives yesterday, Finance Minister Dr Peter Phillips announced changes to the way in which GCT is to be charged. The minister said that, as [...]

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Commitment Delivered? Phillips Responds To Promised Removal Of GCT On Electricity

  Simpson Miller Daraine Luton, Senior Staff Reporter DESPITE DECLARING in its election manifesto that it would "remove the general consumption tax (GCT) on electricity charges to ease the burden caused by electricity bills," finance minister Dr Peter Phillips is insisting the People's National Party (PNP) has delivered on its commitment to Jamaicans. Phillips, the [...]

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Something Fishy About OUR And JPS

The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) and the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS) came out swinging over the past two weeks in rebuttals to an article I wrote that was published in the April 22, 2012 issue of

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Oil Drops To US$91.66

Oil prices dropped near their lows for the year following warnings of a "severe recession" in Europe and an apparent easing of tensions over Iran's nuclear program. Benchmark US crude on Tuesday lost 91 cents to end the day at US$91.66 per barrel in New York while Brent crude fell by 40 cents to end [...]

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