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Putting legs under renewable energy in Jamaica

Let's get serious about reducing Jamaica's dependency on oil. Photovoltaics (the use of solar panels to create electricity) is one way to go at this time but there are simple things we must and can do before we get there. Solar water heaters, LED bulbs and inverter refrigerators would have a positive effect on the [...]

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Gov’t Focused on Reducing Cost of Energy

Transformation of the energy sector, to bring more players into the industry so as to achieve greater efficiencies and reduce costs to consumers, was the key focus of the Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining (STEM), Phillip Paulwell, during the first 100 days of his stewardship. The Minister, recognising that Jamaicans are burdened by [...]

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EDITORIAL – Two Barrels Of Oil For A Single Bulb?

  Kelly Tomblin, the new CEO of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), the light and power company, has started well. Rather, in her first interview with this newspaper, she was soothing. But neither empathy nor intent to soften the hardened image of the JPS will be enough. If JPS is to be a player [...]

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Paulwell Wants A Bigger Stake In 360MW Plant

    OUR to re-tender second phase of project Power company Jamaica Public Service Company and its Asian owners plan to create a vehicle to own and operate the planned 360-megawatt plant, whose output will be sold to the electricity provider once it is commissioned, but Wednesday Business has learned that the Jamaican Government is [...]

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More Calls For Gas Tax Rollback

Former President of the Used Car Dealers Association Ian Lyn is repeating calls for the PNP administration to move decisively to roll back the ad valorem tax on gas. Motorists have been calling for the removal of the tax on gas in light of increasing fuel prices. Lyn said the government needs to honour its [...]

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Come May 1, Jamaicans Can Apply for Licence to Supply National Grid

Come May 1, consumers will be able to apply for a net billing licence from the Jamaica Public Service (JPS) and the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining, Hon. Phillip Paulwell,has announced. Speaking at the opening of the Jamaica Power Summit 2012 at the Jamaica Pegasus Hotel in New [...]

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Theft fuels gas station dispute

  TWENTY-ONE-YEAR-OLD Kimarley Stewart still shudders when he remembers the cold muzzle of a gun pressed against his abdomen. Stewart said he had the frightening experience as he pumped fuel at a service station on Old Hope Road in St Andrew two Sundays ago. According to Stewart, about 11:00 am three men travelling in a [...]

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