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We cannot wait three years for JPS, says Paulwell

CLAIMING he was distressed at the price of electricity at US 40 cents per kilowatt-hour, Minister of Science, Technology, Energy and Mining Phillip Paulwell said he is determined to ensure the full liberalisation of the energy sector to help drive down the electricity costs. Speaking at a function in Kingston yesterday, Paulwell said that he [...]

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Paulwell talks gas

      Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell will outline on Wednesday afternoon outline how the Government intends to deal with the sharp rise in the cost of fuel. Prices at the pump have been inching up over the two months due to developments in the

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20 % Drop in fuel sales

    Local gasoline retailers are reporting a more than 20 percent drop in sales over the past twelve months as consumers struggle to keep up with the rising cost of

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Tax waiver on renewable energy products

  Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell says the government will be looking to re-institute the tax waiver on renewable energy products because taxing those products is counter productive to efforts to cut the country's energy bill. Mr Paulwell made the commitment at an AMCHAM meeting on Thursday February 9. Renewable energy products had attracted a tax [...]

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Deadline For Energy

  Energy Minister Phillip Paulwell The Jamaica Public Service Company's (JPS) plan to invest US$616 million (J$53 billion) to construct a new liquefied

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JPS Plans To Lower Electricity Cost

Jamaica Public Service Co. building in New Kingston -File. Livern Barrett, Gleaner Writer After months of mounting criticism about the high cost of electricity, the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), will today outline plans to reduce energy costs. The announcement will come at a press conference scheduled for 10 a.m. today, at the company

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JPS compensation shorts out Due: $140 million; Paid: $9 million

    JAMAICA Public Service Company (JPS) and National Water Commission (NWC) continue to report high levels of breaches of the guaranteed standards that are supposed to guide the quality of service that they deliver to customers, according to the Office of Utilities Regulations (OUR). In 2010, JPS reported 83,000 breaches, which would have cost [...]

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