January 2012

The energy monitor allows you to know in real time how much your home or business is using in dollars or in kilowatts. No more waiting until the JPS bill comes to see if you have been saving or what your bill should be. The monitor also allows you to to track your JPS billing cycle so you can know how much your spending each day, week and month. Therefore giving you the ability to know what your JPS bill should look like each month before it comes. See video below for a

The video below shows how our energy efficient inverter pool pumps are saving people a lot of money. The client in the video will save over J$175,000 a year in his energy costs by switching to this pool pump. One of the first steps towards becoming energy efficient is to attack your energy hogs.

Contact us for an energy audit to help lay out an energy management plan that saves money for your home or business.

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