March 2011

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As if the Caribbean having the 3rd highest electricity rates in the world was not bad enough now JPS is hiking rates 10%. The ridiculousness is that they still can’t give any alternate plan to help reduce electricity costs. The wind farms they are building are not big enough for any of us to really benefit so whats the point. They need to get a contract finished to allow net metering or net billing for solar clients which is an immediate answer that would provide relief.

Net metering/billing is the fastest way to ease some pressure off residential and commercial clients that invest in solar and will allow more people to be able to afford solar. If there was a net metering/billing policy in place the residential clients would not have to buy as many batteries which account for 30% of the solar system costs. Instead people could send the excess solar energy back to the JPS grid and then pull it back from the grid when needed. This has worked in Germany, USA, Spain and many other countries so why not in Jamaica…


Gleaner article below on JPS hike.

Jamaicans are being advised to expect an increase in their electricity bills for this month.

The Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS) says there will be an increase in the Fuel and IPP Charge on customers