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Overseas LNG Consultant Being Paid Millions By Gov’t

Governments and good business people will always hire professional consultants to help them make the best decisions possible. Therefore we are not sure how much of an issue the below story is but if LNG is as bad for JA as it seems then why are we still paying consultants? We need to see what [...]

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Lack of LNG pricing worries bidders but should really worry YOU!!!

The LNG problems continue for the Jamaican government as predicted by everyone currently not in government. After all the guarantees of cheap LNG it seems government cannot even give a price for which they think the LNG will cost. So you are probably asking yourself how could they be pushing something that they are not [...]

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EX-IM touts energy loan as oil prices climb

Image by constantskepticupdates via Flickr EX-IM Bank Jamaica on Tuesday urged Jamaican producers to begin retrofitting their operations for energy efficiency to contain costs, as oil prices climb on the world market. Crude sold for more than US$91 per barrel Tuesday and is forecast to hit US$100 sometime this year. EX-IM said producers should act [...]

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High Oil Price Affecting Jamaica at the Pump and Home

Image via Wikipedia Since Jamaica's energy mix is over 90% reliant on diesel fuel to provide electricity for the country this should be very troubling. If you think your electric bills are high now Jamaica just wait until oil hits US$100 a barrel this year. Solar for you business now! Since businesses run in the [...]

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Government desperate to save LNG

Image via Wikipedia The Government's plan to introduce liquefied natural gas (LNG) has been engulfed in even more controversy in the wake of a damning November 2010 report by a World Bank-recommended team of consultants. While the consultants acknowledged that LNG was the right choice for the nation over coal, they have suggested to the [...]

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PCJ donates solar panels to Bellevue

Image via Wikipedia The Bellevue Hospital in Kingston is looking forward to cuts in its electricity bill after receiving a gift of seven solar outdoor lighting system donated by the Petroleum Corporation of Jamaica (PCJ). The solar panels, which were recently installed, will save the health facility some $700,000 per year, representing approximately five per [...]

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‘LNG report not alarming’

Image via Wikipedia AN INDEPENDENT consultant has suggested that Government rethink aspects of its liquefied natural gas (LNG) project. Christopher Zacca, head of the steering committee that has been set up to lead the project, told The Gleaner last week that he was not prepared to speak about the issues that have been raised in [...]

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Transparency in our choice of energy

Image via Wikipedia The prime minister got that bit right. The concentration of his administration going forward must be on “stimulating growth and creating jobs”. For the PM’s goal to be sustainably achieved, though, it will demand a competitive economy. In this regard, we feel that energy is the potential game-changer. That is why this [...]

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