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Trinidad warns Jamaica about natual gas prices

The days of cheap natural gas are gone, Trinidad's Minister of Energy and Energy Affairs Carolyn Seepersad-Bachan has said. The low-cost sources of gas were fast depleting and it will cost more to find and extract new reserves, she said. Seepersad-Bachan's statement came in response to an appeal by Methanol Holdings Trinidad Ltd's (MHTL) CEO [...]

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LNG will hold Jamaica for ransom

The decision to use Liquefied Natural Gas will not only affect the current generation, but also every future one. We are living at a cut-throat pace globally with times of reprieve occurring mainly when global catastrophes happen, like the current recession. In addition, there are several competing forces, including economic (for example, WTO legislation), environmental [...]

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LNG blast at Petrojam

An unspecified amount of liquefied natural gas (LNG) exploded into the atmosphere after the top of a pressure-relief valve flew off during the offloading process at the Petrojam oil refinery in Kingston about 7 a.m. yesterday. Winston Watson, managing director at Petrojam Limited, the national organisation which imports fuel, said some level of miscommunication took [...]

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Why Is Google Investing in Wind Farms?

Image via Wikipedia Adding another extracurricular to the checklist, Google is investing in a "mammoth" offshore wind farm along the Atlantic seaboard. The search giant is taking a 37.6 percent equity stake in the project, which will connect 6,000 megawatts of offshore turbines (or roughly 60 percent of the wind energy built in the U.S. [...]

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Seaview residents protest huge light bills again

Image via Wikipedia DOZENS of Seaview Gardens residents, fed up with the high light bills they are receiving from the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS), took to the streets again this morning to vent their frustration. The protest

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Solar Buzz 2kW Solar Job

Please see the video and pictures below of latest completed job. Please contact us to save money on energy for your home or business...

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Jamaica’s OUR opens bid for 480MW generating capacity

Image via Wikipedia The Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR) has invited bids from twenty-eight local and international companies, including the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS), to supply 480 megawatts of new generating capacity. This is the largest block of generating capacity ever sought by the OUR and it's intended to: allow for the displacement [...]

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Ms Hanna, ‘Clean coal’ not as simple as it sounds

This Jamaica Gleaner letter to the editor is in response to Lisa Hanna's letter in which she says Jamaica should look into clean coal and admits clean coal is harmful to environment. Kindly permit me the privilege of commenting on Ms Lisa Hanna's letter on the subject of 'clean coal' as an energy source for [...]

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Hanna is still wrong on coal

Image via Wikipedia Allow me space in your publication to respond to a letter in which Member of Parliament Lisa Hanna defends her thesis on 'clean coal' as a possible energy source on which to build our economic future. I'm quite in agreement on the points made in her first two paragraphs, but must violently [...]

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