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JPS does an about face on LNG

Image via Wikipedia It seems there has been a hiccup in Minister of Energy James Robertson’s plan to move Jamaica into the ill advised Liquid Natural Gas sector. As we know LNG is a commodity with a a limited supply no matter how plentiful it seems now. Eventually price will rise and countries stuck on [...]

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Jamaica Public Service (JPS) bill shocker

Image via Wikipedia I received a bill from Jamaica Public Service via email on Monday morning (September 13). The bill had an amount due of $49,021.51. The readings were - Current meter reading: 3667 kWh; Previous estimated meter reading: 2106 kWh. This varies from a normal bill of approximately $17,500 with absolutely no change in [...]

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MSME Alliance lobbies PM for support on credit, energy

Saying the issue was as fundamental as their survival, a group of micro and small businesses has collected close to 1,000 signatures on a petition handed to Prime Minister (PM) Bruce Golding pleading for support of the sector. The MSME Alliance's list of concerns runs the gamut of the expensive cost of doing business, and [...]

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Emails, letters reveal possible LNG corruption

Image via Wikipedia An economic relationship between Stephen Wedderburn - the technical director for the Government's effort to develop a liquefied natural gas (LNG) facility in Jamaica - and the Belgian firm designated the preferred bidder on the project will likely be a major focus of Contractor General Greg Christie's ongoing probe of the scheme, [...]

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