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Trinidad oil company denies spill reached ocean

Petrotrin headquarters, Trinidad Trinidad's petroleum company said Friday that crews are cleaning up a spill that seeped into rivers, but denied claims by fishermen that the oil had reached the ocean. Petroleum Company of Trinidad and Tobago Limited said it fixed a leak in an underground transfer pipe that released oil into the Godineau River [...]

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PSOJ – The business of energy and environment

Contributed article by the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica The Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) has been looking at issues relating to energy and the environment in light of the critical impact on competitiveness. The PSOJ believes that energy efficiency has to be improved, because of the adverse effects on the country's balance of [...]

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Jamaica – LNG, FDI, corruption, energy strategy

FRANKLIN JOHNSTON The Caribbean LNG bid is unusual. A firm in which the main shareholder is a politically appointed ex-top honcho of the body which has to approve and monitor the deal raises eyebrows in any country. FDI and LNG are good but deals must be vetted as corruption via foreign investment is real. CLNG [...]

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The Sustainable Development of a Renewable Energy Industry in Jamaica.

Mr. Roderick Gordon, Attorney-at-Law The scale and investment in renewable energy worldwide have been staggering. Staggering when one thinks of the decades of fossil fuel dominance and dependence. Indeed, locomotion and static energy needs have been met almost exclusively by some form of generation that uses one form of fossil fuel or another, since man [...]

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How come customers of JPS can’t save?

THE EDITOR, Sir: I THINK the time has come for the Government to put in place some kind of mechanism, except the Office of Utilities Regulation (OUR), to examine the the affairs of the Jamaica Public Service Company (JPS). I say except the OUR as I don't think this organisation has been doing enough to [...]

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Jamaica Oil search resumes 2011

Disaster safeguards in place, says expert... A leading local expert in energy says that efforts to drill for oil and gas off the coast of Jamaica are scheduled to resume in 2011, and that adequate systems are in place to prevent any accidents similar to the one in the Gulf of Mexico in April. Consultant [...]

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Solar-Power Industry Hits Magic Number

While some investors feel they're still waiting for the sun to rise on the solar energy industry, it's already high noon for some parts of the sector. In some places in the U.S. today, solar photovoltaic, PV, technology

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