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Electricity’s domino effect

The most pressing problem facing the country at this time is not crime and violence, but the arrangement that we have with the Jamaica Public Service. The first chief executive officer under the new arrangement, Charles Matthews, had told us from very early that a time was coming when many Jamaicans would not be able [...]

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Solar NGO flays NHT energy loan

A loan programme by the National Housing Trust, designed to assist its contributors acquire and install solar water heaters, has come under fire from clean energy interests who say the programme is flawed. But loan subscription figures from the NHT show that the solar facility is a popular programme among homeowners, surpassing even the agency's [...]

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JPS erects first wind turbine

The Jamaica Public Service Company Ltd (JPS) has erected the first of four wind turbines for its Wind Power Plant at Munro in St Elizabeth. The construction of the wind power plant comes as part of the electric utility's fuel diversification effort, which will see a reduction in the company's dependence on imported fuel. The [...]

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Talk is cheap! Is LNG?

Following the most recent announcements and pronouncements about Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) has been an interesting experience for me. A "game changer" is how it is being positioned. Changing the game for whom and when? There is much talk about the significant savings to come from the LNG project. Some US$1.2 billion savings in energy [...]

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Energy policy to address wheeling by September

Energy ministry officials yesterday said that policies that will give private entities access to Jamaica Public Service Company's (JPS') distribution lines to provide its own electricity at several sites across the island, among other energy related issues, will be comprehensively addressed by September. Senior energy engineer in the Ministry of Mining and Energy, Fitzroy Vidal [...]

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Robertson sidelines ethanol in renewable energy push

ENERGY Minister James Robertson yesterday dismissed ethanol as a prime alternative energy source to help Jamaica reduce it debilitating oil bill in an apparent about-turn on Government's energy policy direction. "You will not hear me talking about ethanol," Robertson declared at a special meeting held with energy stakeholders at the Observer's Beechwood headquarters in Kingston [...]

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James Robertson places faith in LNG

FOR some time now the Minister of Energy and Mining James Robertson has been advocating Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) as Jamaica's preferred energy source, maintaining that its cost would put less stress on the Balance of Payments than oil does. Last Tuesday he announced the selection of Belgium's Exmar, and its consortium, as preferred bidder [...]

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